Re-Focusing on Getting Ron Paul the Nomination
Submitted by allan_stevo on Thu, 02/23/2012 – 11:31
Santorum is a train wreck waiting to happen; Romney is melting down. Whether or not the GOP insiders likes it, Ron Paul will be the last man standing in August. His plan to collect delegates and show up at the convention strong is coming together. Now is the time to re-focus and dedicate even more effort to getting the nomination.

3 Effective Groups
The first and only thing we must focus on is getting Ron Paul nominated. That means we shouldn’t trouble ourselves with the discussion of third party runs, or beating other candidates’ supporters in online debates, or in any activity that doesn’t work towards getting Ron Paul the nomination.

There are three important steps to achieving victory in the 2012 GOP primaries. Together those three steps allow each of us to leverage our personal influence to be as effective as possible.

    #1. Ask pro-peace Democrats that you personally know to vote Republican in the primaries for Ron Paul and make sure that those who agree to vote for Ron Paul actually show up on election day.

    #2. Work the rest of your “social precinct.”

    #3. Activate your own network of Ron Paul supporters.

With these three techniques successfully implemented, Ron Paul will end up the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. There is nothing further that any of us should worry about until we have completed these three tasks.

#1 focuses on pro-peace Democrats because those who are truly pro-peace are open to voting for Ron Paul seeing that he’s the only pro-peace candidate running from either major party. They are likely swing voters that are easily reachable and open to a Paul vote. Even if they are not interested in voting for Paul in the general election, they are still voters who want to see Paul hold Obama’s feet to the fire on the wars and civil liberties and who are therefore willing to support Ron Paul in the primaries.

In #2, “social precinct” is a term I use to describe what was once called a “Christmas card list.” Ron Paul supporters tend to have extensive online connections. Your Facebook friend-list is one component of your social precinct. Before you reach out to strangers, every friend of yours should be contacted asking for a vote for Ron Paul. Celebrities with 4,996 friends will probably have a harder time doing this than people who actually know all of their Facebook friends. This is where you and I have an advantage over any celebrity – we can actually have short personal discussions with each of our friends.

In #3, activating Ron Paul supporters means motivating Ron Paul supporters around you, keeping up their morale, and getting after them when they don’t follow through. Call the Ron Paul supporters you know in order to invite them along when you make phone calls, or knock on doors, make sure you personally invite and encourage them to give money during money bombs. If you think Ron Paul supporters around you are starting to feel down, then send lots of good news to them in order to keep up their spirits, since so many other news sources have exclusively dismal things to say about our movement. Keeping a fellow supporter active and motivated in implementing this plan will magnify your effect many times over. We do these three things and we win in 2012 for Ron Paul.

What About Strangers?
Each one of us can spend time approaching strangers to talk about Ron Paul, but it’s almost guaranteed to be less effective than talking to our friends, family, and others with whom we already have developed a rapport outside of politics.

Additionally, all of us know that there are knuckleheaded people across the political spectrum. Some of whom are in our social precincts as friends, family, or acquaintances. Those knuckleheaded people are generally a waste of our time.

The people who are not a waste of time are the members of the anti-war movement who coalesced around Obama and are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened to that anti-war movement. It’s time to reach out to them in a more concerted fashion to let them know that the anti-war movement is coalescing around Ron Paul. The anti-war issue is but one example. You have likely also had experience with folks who hold other core views that make them very receptive to Ron Paul.

Within two minutes of communicating with a person in your social precinct, you should be able to identify who is going to be open to this idea of voting for Ron Paul and who is going to be a waste of time. In this way, an open minded pro-peace friend who voted Obama in 2008 is probably going to be more helpful than a neo-con hawk. Until you have gone through your entire list, please spend no more than 10 minutes convincing anyone to vote for Ron Paul. If your goal is to win the nomination for Ron Paul, then that person would simply be a waste of your time.

Three More Steps
I’m going to add three more important details about getting votes for Ron Paul. Discussions aren’t enough.

    Step I. Communicate with your friend or family member.

    Step II. Get a promise from him to vote for Ron Paul.

    Step III. Make sure he gets out to vote for Ron Paul.*

        *The third step is twofold:

            A. See to it that your friend or family member is registered properly in his state to vote for Ron Paul.

            B. See to it that your friend or family member gets out to the polling place or caucusing location to vote for Ron Paul on election day.

Our movement has been fantastic at the first part, but the more Ron Paul supporters I’ve encountered over the past two elections, the more I see how bad we are at the later two. We need to get a promise from our friends to vote for Ron Paul and to get them out to vote for Ron Paul.

To point to just one example – this post on the Daily Paul shows a situation where Ron Paul supporters sadly did not get out to vote. Imagine the possibilities had more supporters in Nevada just gotten out there and voted. The campaign chair says in that link the supporters existed; they just weren’t voting. Getting Ron Paul’s supporters to the polling place is necessary to win this.

Ron Paul’s getting a lot of support at rallies, but we, the members of the grassroots can do a better job getting our social precincts out to vote for Ron Paul – supporters included. I can’t stress the importance of this enough – identify supporters (Steps I + II); get them out to vote (Step III).

Many of the readers of the Daily Paul are already doing exactly that. They are reaching out to every member of their social precinct, getting promises to vote, and making sure people get out to vote. If all of us were doing that, no amount of voter fraud would be able to stop us from winning.

I understand that it’s hard work and it’s easier to focus on issues tangential to winning. However, following through with those people you speak to is vital to victory. That means making sure they are properly registered and out to vote for Ron Paul. Heck, pick them up in your car to vote on election day if you have to.

If we turn it up a notch and make ourselves more effective, we can win the nomination for Ron Paul August 27 in Tampa at the RNC, after which he will beat Obama on Novmeber 6. We just need to amplify our efforts.

We don’t do that, we lose. We do that, we win.

Allan Stevo is a writer from Chicago who is currently pounding the pavement for Ron Paul. He is the author of How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012.

Know the Ropes
Submitted by DanInPhilly on Thu, 02/23/2012 – 12:34.

I would encourage Allan to refine his advice to include something along the lines of making sure each of the people he’s targeting with his essay (Ron Paul organizers or activists or cadre, etc) “know the ropes” for their state.

For example, in Penna the primary vote is merely a beauty contest that has no legal bearing on delegates. So as well meaning as the advice is to RP supporters to get their social precinct (nice turn of phrase BTW!) out to Vote for RP in the Primary, this in reality accomplishes nothing. OTOH, an RP activist who knew the ropes would get their friends to the polls AND s/he would say, “Vote for Ron Paul AND vote for these three names, they are our Ron Paul delegates.” If those three get elected they go to the Tampa convention and cast their delegate vote for Ron Paul.

Otherwise, great essay….you can never have enough emphasis on VOTES VOTES VOTES :-)



 As a Citizen of the United States, I am declaring my support for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and his law-mandated investigation into President Obama’s eligibility. I also support the Sheriff’s lawful practices in prosecuting criminals and his unflinching stand in handling the illegal immigration crisis in his home state of Arizona.

I demand that the U.S. Department of Justice release any evidence involving the allegations against Sheriff Joe and his department’s practices. If proven unfounded, I demand an immediate end to the politically motivated witch-hunt against the Sheriff and his department, and a public apology from Attorney General Holder.

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The Issue
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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being victimized by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) under Attorney General Eric Holder. The politically motivated retaliation alleges that Arpaio and his department have engaged in willful civil rights violations: that his office racially profiles Latinos; bases immigration enforcement on
racially charged citizen complaints; and punishes Hispanic jail inmates for speaking Spanish.

The Obama-controlled media and other far-left organizations are also piling on – in a blatant smear campaign against the ultra-Conservative Sheriff.

The latest attacks are the apparent result of his state law-mandated investigation into Obama’s presidential eligibility in his state, his department’s tough stand on illegal immigration, and his unceasing efforts to curb crime – including immigration violations – while the President is posturing for the Hispanic vote.

Even though Arpaio has agreed to work with the DOJ, they have yet to offer specifics of their allegations.

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Good Morning to all..
This trip has become on of the most life changing experiences of my life.  It is as if life has taken me up on my offer to ‘care’ and exposed me to so much I had never had a capacity to see or know.  But now is the time to open my eyes.  From the time I got off my boat  in Bristol after circliing he globe, it seems every person in my world has become instrumental in helping me to ‘take my head out of the sand” I have to thank Bob for continuing this process as he began to open my eyes to the depth of the corruption in the US and world in politics as daily he researches the internet for ‘real information’.  Having been a lawyer, he is good at it. How many times has he explained ‘the way things really are’ . Though I had always thought of myself as a realist,  I had no idea how the banks or stock markets worked….I had no idea the house of cards created in these last 20 years by the mortgage companies.  Every day I would say..”I can’t believe that people know this and don’t stop it”.    Maybe I am not the only one who has been living in total ignorance.  But Bob has been gradually exposing me to reality. But this trip has taken it much farther.
I think we all know that immorality and suffering is everywhere in this world….but I had no idea how desperate the time is.  Our world is parallyzed by the lack of love that exists today.   Our population is 5.5 billion people and now the statistics of those who are enslaved is reaching huge proportions.  What is the cost of every single thing we buy today?  It is the abuse of millions upon millions of children … Not just those in China we understand so little of and close our eyes to, but I now know, that the Caribbean is the home of the greatest number of slaves in the world.  I have seen it with my own eyes.  The abuse is beyond rampant.  The second largest income in the DR is from prostitution.  Millions of these young girls are abused by the 10s of millions of men around the world who pay money to rape them, hurt them….  40,000 a year are sent to the US.  The largest whorehouses of the world are filled with Dominican girls.  And it is incredible to hear, but it is accepted as a way of life here.  Every girl here who is not educated enough to get out of the system will be forced into the industry. They have no choice. It is their only way to survive. Children 5 years old and up….And if they aren’t being abused for sex, they are the labor force that makes every piece of junk sold in the ‘Dollar Store’.   We are intrigued..” How can they sell something like this for so little”….because those who make it are literally starved and enslaved to do so.  It isn’t magic…some child, millions of children…all over the caribbean. The Banana Republic is everywhere.  In the DR they have a ‘free zone’…This is an encampment, 40’ high razor wired fences protect the goods from hitting the street or from the eyes of the world from seeing the level of abuse behind the walls.  Containers of parts come in and the watch, or cell phone, clock or piece of clothing goes back out in the same container.  The corruption is staggering.  Though there are normal labor laws on the rest of the island that are somewhat enforced,  behind the barrier of those walls, there are no rules.  Anything goes to force those held there to make their quotas.  It is beyond my comprehension that men have fallen so far into the depth of sexual addiction that they can mutilate and abuse so many girl children in this world.  It is one thing to consider that there are ‘a few pedifiles’ in this world, but this is not a few.  Millions of men.  Maybe we somehow accept rape as a part of war, but now the number of wars and populations at war is heinous and so is the rape and abuses that arise within it.   It isn’t just Rwanda. It is the Caribbean.  The people here are forced by the governments that hold them all captive to their addiction to money and power.  They keep the people under control by denying them education.  The basic understanding of germ theory and basic sanitation is unknown by the masses here.  Poverty is a way of life.  Entire islands are held captive.  We have all been used by these governments to justify this.  Just last week, the Chinese justified their abuses of their labor force and environment saying “it is the western world that causes this as they buy the products we make…They can pay for environmental cleanup”  If there is money to be made, it will be done no matter the attrocity to do it.  We have all become pawns to rationalize the slavery that is now more widespread than comprehensible.  Just consider the junk that is contained in one Dollar Store and imagine tiny fingers, raw from long hours of work, no way to return to family….no chance to experience love.  It is simple…supply and demand.  As long as there is money to be made selling us all this junk and abusing young girls..some child will be forced to make it happen.  Suddenly, the idea of buying cheap shit makes me sick.  What is it worth to free one child?

On my flight to Haiti I ended up sitting next to Joan Conn who heads a NFP org that hellps the Restavec Children…5-12 year olds that are given away to people who lie and tell families they will give the child an opportunity… they end up as child slaves.  Half a million in Haiti alone. This was not a chance encounter that I met Joan.  She and her husband are sailors who first saw this attrocity when flying into haiti to return to their cruising sailboat. I will have to get back in touch with Ryan Flynn and White Orchid….I had no idea how extreme the horrors really are. Every person I have met here has opened my eyes in one way or another. The owner of the pub, Frank, and I have sat for 4-5 hours every day after breakfast talking…He lives here. He knows.  There is a Honduran woman who owns a jewelery shop in the Plaza to Jose Oshays where I have been playing music and hosted here.  We got talking one day and as I told her why I was here with OceansWatch, she let me know about a school project here.  But she also brought a book out from behind her counter.  Evidently, one of the photographers from the book comes to the DR and has become a friend.   The name of the book is ONE.  I don’t know how, but I read the book from the first page to the last.  It contained the ‘real statistics’ and world behind those encampments, within the halls of the Marriot hotels where young girls are handed over to men to be used, starved and left on the streets without any health care, behind closed doors to the public…. a horror.   There are eleven chapters illustrated with real photos of beautiful children in the world….slavery, hunger, trafficking,orphans,HIV/Aids, war, statelessness,diseases,thirst, corruption, education.  150billion dollars are spent in the corruption that shrouds these statistics.  With that we could feed the world 10 times over.  I believe that every human being needs to read this book.
OceansWatch can help.  We can reach these people by sea.  Education is the vital link to change.   The organization that publishes this book does Hero Holidays, similar to our desire to do charters with folks to help in the islands.  They establish the projects and folks pay to participate. Potentially we could work with these folks bringing people by sea. I will make contact today,talk to these folks and see how to get copies of this book.

I have attached the photos I took in Ile La Vache.  Hopefully we can make them into a slideshow like the others on the site.  I will get some photos here as well.  There is so much to do.
Big hugs to you all.  If there ever was a day to sacrifice all to try to help…it is now.  Be encouraged my dear dear friends.  It is worth every moment we labor to do this work if only one child or adult is helped but I believe we can help many.  xoxoxo photos and links here,


Georgia and National Elections 2012 12:15 p.m. Thursday, January 26, 2012

No ruling in ‘birther’ challenge

By Bill Rankin

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


After hearing evidence with neither President Barack Obama nor his lawyers in attendance, a state administrative law judge on Thursday did not issue a ruling as to whether Obama can be allowed on the state ballot in November.
Lawyers for area residents mounting “birther” challenges told Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi that Obama should be found in contempt of court for not appearing when under subpoena to do so. But Malihi did not indicate he would recommend that and cut off one lawyer when he criticized Obama for not attending the hearing.

“It shows not just a contempt for this court, but contempt for the judicial branch,” lawyer Van Irion told Malihi.

“I’m not interested in commentary on that, counselor,” Malihi quickly replied.

Late Wednesday, Obama’s lawyer, Michael Jablonski, wrote Secretary of State Brian Kemp, asking him to suspend the hearing. “It is well established that there is no legitimate issue here — a conclusion validated time and again by courts around the country,” Jablonski wrote.

Jablonski also served notice he would boycott the hearing.
Political Insider with JIM GALLOWAY
Brian Kemp to Barack Obama’s attorney: Skip ballot hearing ‘at your own peril

Click here to read Kemp’s reply to Jablonksi,
In response, Kemp said the hearing to consider the challenges is required by Georgia law. “If you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the [Office of State Administrative Hearings] proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril,” Kemp wrote.

Thursday’s hearing was held before a packed courtroom with almost every seat taken — except for those at the defendant’s table facing the judge.    



Japanese Want U.S. Bases Out of Okinawa!

Submitted by healthnut4freedom on Tue, 01/24/2012
in the

This is really outrageous. People ridicule Dr. Paul but these people want us out of their country!

“A 24-member delegation from Japan is in Washington, D.C., this week opposing the presence and new construction of U.S. military bases in Okinawa. Participating are members of the Japanese House of Councilors, of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly, and of city governments in Okinawa, as well as leading protest organizers and the heads of several important organizations opposed to the ongoing U.S. military occupation of Okinawa.

The famously stingy U.S. tax payer, frequently seen bitterly protesting outrageously wasteful spending of a few million dollars, is paying billions of dollars to maintain and expand some 90 military bases in Japan (and to make those who profit from such business filthy rich). Thirty-four of those bases, containing 74% of their total land area, are in Okinawa, which itself contains only 0.6% of Japanese land. Okinawa is dominated by U.S. military bases and has been for 67 years since the U.S. forcibly appropriated much of the best land.

The people of Okinawa tell pollsters year after year that they oppose the bases. Year after year they elect government officials who oppose the bases. Year after year they march, sit-in, protest, and demand to be heard. Year after year, the national Japanese government confronts the issue and fails to take any decisive steps to resolve it. Year after year, the people of the United States remain blissfully unaware that, as in so many other places around the world, our military occupation of Okinawa is ruining people’s lives.”

read the rest at